Kathputli Performers

Kathputli Performers

Project Kayakalp aims to empower traditional puppeteers and other artists of Kathputli colony, Shadipur Depot and expand their income generation possibilities, while also using the medium of puppetry to convey social and environmental messages.

Puppetry, in India has seen a downward gradient from being an art which lit up the Indian streets and courtrooms, to being pushed to hopeless anonymity reduced by the contemporary forms of entertainment. Project Kayakalp is an initiative to revive the dying art form.

The endeavour aspires to set the stage for these preservers of Indian heritage to display their forte in full fervour, hoping to empower the community with new found certainty and faith in the art form. We aim to achieve this by expanding the community’s income generation possibilities, by making their art relevant to contemporary audiences and capitalising on unexplored markets

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